ASRE is the leading residential and commercial real estate network within Sharjah. ASRE offers products and catering to the national and local needs of the real estate industry. ASRE offers attractive alternative of renting, You have the perfect apartment, office, villa or commercial property in Sharjah. Yours could be sea-side location or a mid city busy commercial hub or a uptown elite classy area of the city.

We at ASRE assist you in renting villas, apartments and commercial properties in Sharjah through our expert advice and processed fact finding about Sharjah properties. Sharjah is the Residential hub of the UAE attracting residents every minute.

Renting at ASRE property becomes a challenging and tricky task, especially when you are on unfamiliar territory and in a new culture. Our real estate personnel can assist you in renting the best of our properties. We will be with you to guide you right from listing, selection and transaction up to the end, clinching the best deal for you in renting a perfect villa, apartment office or commercial property in Sharjah.